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Our HUR-gymnastic machines work with air preasure. These machines ables you to exercice pretty much every muscle in your body: tighs, hamstrings, buttock, abdominal muscules, back muscles, biceps, sholders etc. 
We also have weights and exercise cycle, big physio balls, balance boards etc.

Prices:                     norm.        students


klo: 08.00 -15.00      6,00 €             5,00 €

klo: 15.00 -18.00      6,50 €             5,50 €

10 x kortti                55,00 €         45,00 €

kk -kortti                  45,oo €         40,00 €

3kk -kortti              100,00 €         90,00 €

With longliving card - 2€ discount

Senior gymnastic exercise

Every wensday 9:30 and 10:30 older people gathers together to have nice social time and exercise. The group is svedish, but Im sure you will hold on. Just do as everyone else is doing ^^ and the leader can also english.

We strart with warm up and strechning. When body is warm and a waken we go to the HUR- machines. we spend 3 minutes in every machine. when 30 minutes have gone we have middle time brake. time to drink water have a chat and let your heart beat calm down. Then rest of the machines and back to the middlefloor where we will have the end strechning and relaxation movements.

One hour programme costs only 5 €
If you have LongLiving card it is still less - only 3 €!