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Tel. 02 423 685

Team Rehab Center was founded in 1984. We offer professional physiotherapy, massage and many wellness and cosmetology services. We serve companies, organisations and individuals. Our aim is continuous improvement, customer oriented approaching and personalized planning for every individual. We want that our customers do well.


Our managing director Gunnevi Vesterlund is an experienced entrepreneur in the fields of health care. She is a specialized physiotherapist who have experience from over 30 years of working in municipality and private health care and rehabilitation. She have also been consulting many rehabilitation projects in Finland, Tenerife and Austria.


In 1984 Gunnevi Vesterlund founded her own Physical business in Kimito. In the beginning the name of the company was "Kemiönsaaren Fysioterapia" (Kimito-island's physioteraphy), but later in 1994 the name were changed to be "Fysio Center". Then in 1994 the name changed again to be "Zembla Oy". The latest change was made in 1994 when we took our current name "Rehab Center". 

Our main facility is located in Kimito in the Arkadia house. In our facilities we have a gym where you can exercise alone, with a personal trainer or in supervised groups. We also have facilities in Taalintehdas and Västanfjärd. We also do home visits if needed and we even travel hundreds of kilometers to ministry our customers and thus our customers are well pleased.

Because of long distances Rehab Center have been participating in different kind of development projects. example innoELLI- and video calling- health care projects.

We are a glad and experienced team of professional workers from different divisions of health sectors. We have physiotherapist, specialized physiotherapists, a cosmetologist, pedicurist, personal trainer and masseurs who all belong in our vastly trained staff. We can handle even the hardest physiological problems with a solid professional touch. 


We have: Physical treatments, acupuncture, gymnastics, group exercise, individual training, cosmetics and foot care and even doctors working in our facilities. You are most welcome to be cared for. You can come with a referral or without it.
     Since 2006 Rehab Center have also been doing wellness- treatments. We have treatments like aroma massage, Hot Stone, herbal massage and Indian head massage. Wellness- treatments give you a good mood and new power to face the challenges of the week.

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